Give Away: Abandoned Couch

VERLASSENES SOFA, 50,2 cm x 75,3 cm Graphit-Gouache Zeichnung auf Papier, Hanna Rheinz 2019

Abandonnata … To whom?
Who gave it? Who left it?


Who is to blame now?

They all disappeared, leaving NOTHING.

Not even a single soul, trained to adapt to empty spaces.

For good.

Whose thoughts, whose feelings, whose lies were shared?

Which words never made it?

Which betrayal made it disappear?

Who was able to see what is hiding, what is shut down in this room?

From generation to generation.

All these secrets growing up to destroy what remains, what never will be understood.

software device oriented
Who ever spoke up to deliver the co-ordinates?

Just to protect the option.

Just to retain the conditions of the possibility for other times, other people.

NEIN: Die Bedingungen der Möglichkeit sind ausgesetzt worden.


Nicht mehr zu erfinden. Nicht mehr zu binden.

This needs to be stopped immediately!

Instead we prefer to let it happen. That bodies break, minds whither away. all these endless repetitions. But while they listened to their own voices, getting lost in the wilderness of their inventions, they fell asleep.

Verlassenes Sofa:

efscher Froid freut`s.

Drawing and Text by Hanna Rheinz (HRZ)